TRUE solutions = TRUE Performance

Good is the enemy of great

Jim Collins

Siezing more of your people’s potential

TrueNorth is extraordinary performance enabler in five of the toughest performance areas: sales, leadership, communication, culture and teams.

Proven concepts

From Mao and Aristotle, from Peter Drucker and Nitin Nohria of Harvard, TrueNorth draws on classic and contemporary development concepts, which are tried, tested and proven in the global and local market places.

Permanent performance improvement

Proven concepts are only the beginning.  Making performance improvement stick is the only real measure of development success.  TrueNorth concepts include the keys to driving performance improvements long term.

Latest news


Richard Stephenson selected to join The Academy in 2016 - a conference held on June 1-2 at the Olympic Museum in Lausanne, Switzerland, aimed at developing top sport leaders from around the world


IF Forsikring partners with TNC for development strategic communication skills (Rhetoric)


Krabat, developer, manufacturer and marketer of high-quality technical aids for children and youth, chooses TNC to deliver strategic communication skills (Rhetoric) training