Culture eats strategy for breakfast

True Culture

What is a winning culture?

Culture eats strategy for breakfast – or for any other meal for that matterJ. In TrueNorth Consulting, we believe that it is not possible to create something truly remarkable without being anchored in a sound and strong corporate culture. This part of our activities involves finding unique elements in a company culture and strengthening these. We also uncover elements that stand in the way of a creative culture, and work to remove these.

How are we different?

When a company culture is to be changed, we must first define what culture is, and more specifically, what kind of culture exists in the company today. Next, we must define what kind of culture the company wishes to have, and even more importantly; what kind of culture the company’s customers wish to see. Only then is it possible to see the outline of what needs to be changed.

Corporate cultural change does not happen overnight, and can often be painful. Many of the customers that come to us with cultural challenges have experienced a negative situation that has gone on for far too long, causing heavy losses in their “cultural capital”. Sometimes it is possible to save the culture even in these situations, but in many cases the organisation must have the nerve to replace individuals who consciously or sub-consciously destroy the company from the inside. To identify the influencers who create the culture, we use Ken Blanchard’s renowned Situational Leadership model.


To make cultural change possible, the initiative must be owned by the entire organisation from the top down. Thus, our job as consultant is to be a moderator, mediator and process driver. We follow all the people involved closely in the initial phases, but when we have agreed on which changes have to be made, and how they should be made, it is time for the company to take responsibility for building their own new foundation. Naturally, we will be available for questions and advise during and after the process, but TrueNorth Consulting cannot create the culture. The customers have to do that for themselves.

Training objectives, tools and techniques

When the culture change has been implemented, participants are personally inspired and effectively equipped to:

  • Create a new future for the company
  • Understand, own and embrace the company culture
  • Acknowledge and be proud of the company and its new culture
  • See the opportunities inherent in working together towards a common goal
  • Have the knowledge and skills required to inspire each individual employee to contribute to the creation of a new culture
  • Know exactly what efforts each individual needs to make in order to create a new future

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