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What is inspiring leadership?

In TrueNorth Consulting we know that charismatic leaders who were born to lead are few and far between. We know that being a manager, for the majority of us, is a demanding role in which we have to work hard every day to bring out the best in ourselves. And we also know that many leaders have the potential to be an extraordinary source of inspiration, given the right tools combined with the right focus.

To us, outstanding leadership is all about having a clear vision and plan for where the company is going - and the ability to communicate this to each individual employee in such a way that he or she fully understands the process, takes responsibility and looks forward to sharing the journey.

How are we different?

We offer both consulting and training in the field of leadership and management. This means that we help find the company’s vision and mission, we assist in setting out guidelines for the execution of leadership principles, we develop tools for the individual leader to use in day-to-day business, and we facilitate training for the individual leader. Together with the customer, we establish a “company way to do leadership”. Knowledge about leadership is of no value to the employee – it is the execution of leadership that inspires and motivates staff members.

 Between us, we have a total of 25 years’ experience in developing and implementing leadership tools, as well as providing training for operative managers across the world. Experience has shown that our tools work just as well whether applied by a sales manager in the Middle East, a senior executive in Malaysia, a customer service manager in the US, or a team leader in Norway.

Sadly, there is no quick fix…

The aim of our work is to create lasting behavioural change, and there are no shortcuts to achieve this. In TrueNorth, we don’t believe in short sessions or kick offs – we believe in making a long-term plan together with the customer and then working purposefully towards the goal in a long-term perspective. In many ways, this method is the same as when a leader sets a vision and breaks it down into doable tasks to be performed over a period of time to create an inspiring leadership culture.

When we have established a common understanding of where we are going, we work with both teams and individuals to transform knowledge to skills. Leaders practise what they learn in their daily tasks, often with a TNC consultant observing, ready to give hands-on feedback and corrections. Different people have different needs, and some reach the right level faster than others, but we always continue to work with each individual leader until all of them have reached the desired level.

Training objectives, tools and techniques

When the customer process is completed, participants are personally inspired and effectively equipped to:

Understand, own and embrace the company’s vision and mission

  • See their own leader role as part of the bigger picture
  • Acknowledge each individual employee, their strengths and weaknesses
  • Provide individual coaching based on motivational drivers
  • Have those challenging conversations when needed
  • Assess each individual employee based not only on results, but also on the efforts made to succeed
  • Convert theoretical leadership knowledge into practical skills to be applied in day-to-day leading tasks

To learn about inspiring leadership training and consulting at TNC, please contact us.

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