Presentation Technique

“If all of my powers and possessions were taken from me with
one exception, 
I would choose to keep speech, for by it
I could soon recover all the rest.” 
 Daniel Webster

Presentation technique training

The value of our knowledge, ideas, experience or solutions is directly determined by our
ability to link them to emotion and to clearly and convincingly communicate them to the
minds and hearts of others.

This hands-on, skills-building training explores the powerfully persuasive principles of rhetoric and applies them to presentation message delivery.  It equips presenters with a systematic set of delivery tools and techniques that enable them to put their words into action.  The training enables presenters to confidently target and connect with different audiences, to develop different delivery styles, and to professionally deliver presentation messages that inspire any audience to action.

Presentation technique – The art of phyisical delivery

By the end of this course, participants will be personally inspired and practically equipped to:

  • Target and adapt delivery to suit any audience or communication situation
  • Control and use the 7 dynamics of delivery to effectively delivery messages
  • Strategically use high power dynamics to overcome nervousness and maximise credibility
  • Charismatically present messages that transfer not just ideas but also emotion
  • 'Deliver unforgettable messages that decrease resistance and increase acceptance
  • Manage or eliminate nervousness
  • Involve, engage and inspire any audience to action every time

Presentation technique training methodology

This course is based on a theory - example - performance pedagogy with plenary discussions, small group tasks, individual presentations and frequent video examples. Participants prepare, present and receive feedback on several presentations. Training is based on actual work-related cases and topics.