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True Sales

What do we mean by game-changing sales?

We don’t use this expression about sales figures we want to increase by 5 or 10%, but rather about sales figures for which we see an entire new range of opportunities, and for which companies are able to both see and make the most of existing potential. We have worked with organisations that have increased their sales by up to 400% per year using our model and training programmes. TNC tailors each process to cover the customer’s needs, and works with behavioural change on both a group and individual level.

How are we different?

The time has long passed when we believed that a three-hour crash course would cause a sudden boom in sales. In 2013, it is no longer enough to have a keen sales manager who pushes and prods, and makes a big fuss to drive sales forward. Today’s salespeople expect to be backed by an organisation that values their efforts, and a sales manager who helps them develop to their true potential. In TrueNorth Consulting we start the development work by observing the individual salesperson interacting with the customers. We identify strengths and weaknesses, and create a process based on these assessments. Next, we sit down with the team and agree on big, hairy, audacious goals for the process. With the groundwork done, it’s time to focus on the key elements of the sales process; who are the customers, how should they be contacted, how many meetings are necessary from initial contact to sale etc. When these key elements have been defined, the salespeople are invited to join a workshop where we fill the process with content. Everyone is encouraged to contribute, and everyone owns the end-result. At this point, we all know that sales is not about knowledge alone – it all comes down to skills. Thus, the next step involves skills training where we rehearse what the salesperson should say and do in a sales situation in order to make the most convincing case for her company.


A common complaint is that the results disappear along with the consultant. In True North Consulting, we counteract this effect through the following unique follow-up process:

  1.  We always train the leaders to become competent coaches before starting a sales development process.
    2.    The leaders take the role as coaches in all meetings, where they are in turn coached by us in their role as leader.
    3.    We equip the salespeople with training journals where they record their strengths, development areas and progresses.
    4.    We follow up each salesperson individually (face to face or over the phone) throughout the entire process.
    5.    We follow up the leaders throughout the entire process.

Training objectives, tools and techniques

When the customer process is completed, participants are personally inspired and effectively equipped to:

•    Understand, own and embrace the company’s sales process
•    Acknowledge and be proud of their own role as salesperson
•    See opportunities rather than obstacles
•    Apply tools to make the most convincing case for their company
•    Use their knowledge and skills to develop salespeople from mediocre to good or from good to best
•    Know what effort each individual salesperson needs to make to get to the next level
•    Convert sales theories to practical skills to be used in day-to-day business

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