TRUE Team Performance

Success with different people and in different situations requires different approaches. Understanding personal strengths and weaknesses, motivational drivers, conflict responses, and how our own behaviour impacts others is the cornerstone of effective team play.  On this cornerstone rests the tools and techniques of Interpersonal Dynamics Inventory (IDI).

IDI is a strategic set of human performance tools that produces profound and actionable insights into why people think and behave as they do.  Armed with this insight, team members can build better relations, better motivate, communicate, lead, influence others and better reach common goals.  IDI is the critical art of adapting yourself to bring the best of you to bear on every situation.

IDI is the single most effective human performance model for unleashing the power in people.

Latest news


Building on 2019s successful "Bitesize" training concept in presentation techniques for Telia, where TNC partnered with Telia's internal training coaches, TNC will deliver Bitesize Rhetoric training in 2020: Communicating clearly and convincingly


TNC is delighted to participate in Superoffice’s 30th anniversary celebration, Bootcamp, as an inspirational keynote speaker on "Thinking BIG"


TNC is proud to facilitate a feedback session between leaders and mentors for the Euorpean Olympic Committee's Game Changers programme