TRUE Performance Formula

Proven concepts

From Mao and Aristotle, to Peter Drucker and Ken Blanchard, to Nitin Nohria of Harvard, TrueNorth draws on leading and diverse classic and contemporary development concepts, all of which are tried, tested and proven in the global market place.

Proven consultants 

The best, proven concepts are not enough.  The ability to translate them into clear, actionable efforts that individual leaders, salespeople and team players can execute daily are essential.  As our concepts, TrueNorth consultants are tried, tested and proven experts in the global market place, uniquely skilled at customer awareness, knowledge transfer and hands-on training/coaching to translate development concepts into permanent effectual behaviours.

truenorth lederskap salg retorikk rhetoric communication kommunikasjonHands-on training

Achieving different results requires different thinking and different behaviour.  Theory alone doesn't change either.  Hands-on training and personal coaching is the missing link between extraordinary consultants with extraordinary concepts and committed people achieving extraordinary results. Just as in sport, the more we train, the better we perform. TrueNorth programmes are pedagogically principled on in-depth, hands-on training.
The resultant power of TrueNorth’s holistic formula is your people performing at potential.

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Digital training: TNC contracted to deliver strategic communication training for Bane NORs Strategic Service leadership team


Digital booktrening for Telia skapte rekord resultat


Building on 2019s successful "Bitesize" training concept in presentation techniques for Telia, where TNC partnered with Telia's internal training coaches, TNC will deliver Bitesize Rhetoric training in 2020: Communicating clearly and convincingly