TNC is very proud to be chosen by the International Olympic Committee to deliver the keynote speech and moderate it's annual meeting on Gender Equality to be held online 15 March 2021.  Over 1500 participants from six continents are registered for the inspiring annual meeting. 


TNC is pleased to participate at the Idrettspolitisk Arena for Unge Styremedlemmer arranged by NIF in April for  the purpose of "A legge til rette for meningsutveksling og påvirkningsmuligheter mellom unge og mer erfarne styremedlemmer i norsk idrett."


TNC expands training partnership with David Andersen to develop sales and leadership skills among retail staff


TNC delighted to continue its partnership with Falck Denmark on the development of Falck's finance leadership team


Telia SME and Telia Large partner with TNC to develop Value-Based Sales capabilities

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