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Rhetoric & Strategic Communication

No one wheel has ever been reinvented as often as the wheel of communication. New theories are developed monthly, articles are written daily, and dialogues, discussions or debates occur continuously.  Rarely does a single issue of any leadership periodical come and go without a least one new article on the “art of communication”.  It’s not surprising how often the topic of communication receives focus.  It is surprising, however, how often new communication methodologies, theories and approaches are developed.

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TRUE Performance Formula

TRUE solutions produce TRUE performance

Achieving potential doesn’t happen over night.  But, it does happen over time if you have the right formula.  The TRUE Performance formula makes your potential achievable:

TRUE Performance formula (TPF)

TPF = (leading concepts + leading consultants + top customer commitment) x training 

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Digital training: TNC contracted to deliver strategic communication training for Bane NORs Strategic Service leadership team


Digital booktrening for Telia skapte rekord resultat


Building on 2019s successful "Bitesize" training concept in presentation techniques for Telia, where TNC partnered with Telia's internal training coaches, TNC will deliver Bitesize Rhetoric training in 2020: Communicating clearly and convincingly